M1 In-Product Assistance

While M1 has hundreds of ways it can impact your measurement workflow, it can be daunting to understand everything that it does when you first start to use it.  In addition to the resources listed on the previous page, you will find a number of new ways the product explains and demonstrates itself. We call this set of approaches "customer-assistive technologies" and it includes two new ways of helping the user better understand how M1 can help them.
  • Enhanced ToolTips (ETTs) add a clickable link to the standard short text description in a tooltip on many M1 controls.  Clicking on this link will perform one of two actions:
    • Take you to the relevant page in the M1 Help file (Tell me more... link)
      - or -
    • Launch a Self-Demo on that feature (Demonstrate... link)

  • Self Demos are scripts that will explain the options associated with that control, and even walk you through its use step by step.  In addition to ETTs, buttons to launch a Self Demo have been added to M1's interface in several places, such as on the Compliance App results dialog to explain the Compliance Breakout feature.  All Self Demos, including some that are not available elsewhere, are also accessible from the "Self Demos" option in M1's Training menu.

Moving forward, ASA will be adding additional ETTs and Self Demos as well as other customer-assistive technologies to M1.  Our goal is that you should never be more than one click away from specific assistance on any M1 feature that you may not fully understand.