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External Measurement Developer Training provides standardized training and credentialing for customers of M1 Waveform Tools™ who wish to create their own proprietary or non-standard measurements for use with M1.

M1 Waveform Tools' Measurement Builder functionality provides several methods by which you can easily add your own measurements for use within M1. If you require the utmost in processing speed and you're at least a novice-level C++/C# programmer, Measurement Builder incorporates an easy to use Measurement DLL framework that includes all of the required overhead code. All you need to do is add the actual code for your analysis and compile. If defining your desired analysis in the easiest possible way is what you require, Measurement Builder allows you to use MATLAB for this, with an interface that is much more versatile than that available from competing products.

The instructor will be able to answer questions and ensure that the material is understood by all attendees.

M1 External Measurement Developer Training - Onsite (North America only) or Online

Course Length:    4 hrs

Course Type:    Classroom or Online

Intended Audience:    Engineers, Technicians, and Managers who wish to use M1's measurement extensibility capability to add new measurements

Suggested Maximum Size:    15 students

Prerequisites:    None

Certification Provided:    Yes

Certification Requirements:    Attendance and Homework


  • Introduction
  • C++/C# Interface
  • Matlab Interface
  • Best Practices

Onsite - US$5000.00 (includes T & E)
Online - US$4000.00