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We have several promotions available most of the time that you may be able to take advantage of. It is worth your while to see if you can get a discount.

M1 Waveform Tools comes in seven Software Levels. M1 Level 7 is for value priced scopes, while M1 Level 1 is for high-end scopes.

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All prices are in U.S. dollars. Conversion between US$ and foreign currencies are performed according to the policies of PayPal. All prices quoted are for Net 30 terms. If your organization cannot comply with Net 30 terms, please contact ASA for further information. When you buy M1, you get 60 days of free upgrades. Since ASA releases upgrades every few months, you can continue to get upgrades for an entire year in addition to the first 60 days by purchasing the Software Subscription.

If you want to renew a subscription for an existing M1 license, click here.

M1 Companion Level

M1 Level 1


M1 Level 2


M1 Level 3 / M1 WT for EDA


M1 Level 4


M1 Level 5


M1 Level 6


M1 Level 7 (M1 Reader)

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M1 Reader™

M1 Reader is a great low-cost option for offline analysis of data captured by M1 Waveform Tools. It has all the same measurement capabilities, but can only acquire data from value scopes. M1 Reader can use any data saved by M1. M1 Reader allows you to take your waveform data with you when you leave the lab and work offline. More significantly, M1 Reader is a key component in the M1 solutions architecture that makes very inexpensive and powerful collaboration with your team possible, wherever they may be located.

M1 Reader includes 60 days of free updates. A Subscription will extend those updates for an additional one year. Note that the 10-pack pricing does not include Subscriptions.

If you have a personal PayPal account, please remember not to log into your account unless you want to pay for the product personally. Enter the corporate credit card directly when prompted.

(per year)

M1 Reader

* Cannot be combined with Lab Advantage. Does not include Subscriptions.

M1 Emergency Licensing Server™

M1 Emergency Licensing Server™ (M1 ELS™) lets you keep your lab running by providing the ability for you to transfer a valid M1 WT licensefrom one piece of hardware to another. Each transfer uses one Token. Regular Tokens let you transfer the license to any hardware with equal or lower bandwidth; Upgrade Tokens let you transfer the license to any hardware. Tokens that are used can be replaced at a discounted rate.

M1 Emergency Licensing Server (includes one Regular Token)
Tokens Price Discounted1
Regular Token
Upgrade Token

1 Discount only applies to tokens being replaced by existing M1 ELS owners. Documentation must be sent to ASA to be eligible for the discounted price.

M1 Waveform Viewer™

M1 Waveform Viewer is fast becoming a popular way of acquiring, displaying, and saving waveform data from a wide variety of scopes. Visit M1 Waveform Viewer's home page!

No renewal or subscription is necessary for Waveform Viewer.


M1 Waveform Viewer



M1 Standard™

M1 Standard is designed to provide every oscilloscope user with a rich, all-in-one suite of analysis tools that exceeds what he can get from ScopeCo. Compared to anything else on the market*, the Standard version of M1 Waveform Tools is the most powerful title in the industry, while providing a number of key analysis and business advantages above and beyond that of the ScopeCo options.

M1 Standard comes with one free compliance test. You can also purchase one additional compliance test, or access to the entire array of compliance tests available from ASA. You will be asked to select your free and/or additional compliance test after you have purchased M1 Standard.

* Other than M1 Waveform Tools

Visit M1 Standard's home page!

No renewal or subscription is necessary for M1 Standard.


M1 Standard


One additional Compliance Test for M1 Standard


All Compliance Tests for M1 Standard


Support Contract

Technical support for M1 products is provided on the basis of support incidents. You can save money and be ready to solve problems by getting a support contract. Note that some M1 products include a limited number of support incidents in the purchase price; refer to Table 1 of the Customer License Agreement for details. A single support contract can be used for all M1 products that you own.

Please select the proper region for your company. If you purchase the wrong region's support, we will refund your purchase immediately, and you will have to reorder from the proper region. Thank you for your understanding.


Support Type Single Incident Incident 5-Pack
North America, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand
Email $100
Phone $250
Japan, Korea, China, India, Malaysia
Email $200
Phone $500
European Union, South Africa
Email $150
Phone $375