Waveform Integrity Knowledge Base

Welcome to the ASA Waveform Integrity Knowledge-Base, or WIKB. We are using this area of our website to build a community of contributers, as well as a large database of signal integrity information.

The WIKB is part of M1's patented Hidden Anomaly Location (HAL) technology.  HAL does for you what an expensive signal integrity consultant who needs no sleep or rest would do. It employs all of the depth and power of M1 to automatically detect waveform anomalies in the background and alert you to them. You don't have to be specifically "looking for" a particular type of problem, as with other 'event scanning' products. You don't even have to have a single measurement turned on.  Click the HAL icon for more information on HAL.

The WIKB, in conjunction with HAL, is intended to help all scope users across the spectrum. If you are having a problem with your part, someone else in the world most likely has had a similar problem, so our hope is that you can come to our knowledge-base and find the solution to your problem without reinventing the wheel.